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Alvaro de Saavedra Ceron (?-1529): A spanish explorer

Saavedras journey

It is not known the exact date and place of birth but it is estimated that he was born in Spain at the end of the XV century. It is known that he was a close relative (cousin) of Hernan Cortez to whom he accompanied to the New Spain (Mexico). Alvaro Saavedra y Ceron became one of the first European explorers of the Pacific Ocean.

It is said that during one of his sea explorations in 1525-1526 he reached Panama and he suggested that a connection to the Atlantic Ocean could be made at that point (Note: Today, the Panama Canal is located in that area).
When leaving Zihuatanejo under orders of Hernan Cortez, the main objective of his mission was to find the ship "Trinidad" sent by Magellan and to aid the Armadas of Loaisa and Caboto which were considered lost near the Philippines and as secondary objective, to look for new lands in the so called "South Sea".

He reached New Guinea and traveled along its north coast giving it the name of "Gold Island" and on October 3rd., 1528 (almost a year after leaving Zihuatanejo) he arrived at the Molucas Islands with only one of his three ships (Note: This trip is really admirable since they crossed the whole Pacific Ocean and some historians compare it with the prowess of Columbus voyage through the Atlantic a few years before).

He made two attempts to return to the New Spain (Mexico) but the winds brought him back to the islands. During these tries, he discovered the Carolines, Mindanao, Marshall and Admiralty Islands, and traded water and supplies with the natives in his persistent effort to discover new lands and get back to Mexico.

In 1529 on his third try to return "home" they were caught by a heavy storm and died in the shipwreck.

There are not known paintings that represent him.

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